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How to calibrate your ship's temperature and pressure instruments

As a shipowner, you’re required to calibrate the temperature and pressure
instruments on a regular basis. Here’s how you do it the easy way.

We’re excited to tell you about the world’s first calibration kit for onboard calibration of your temperature and pressure equipment.The kit eliminates the need to send your temperature and pressure instruments ashore for calibration and maintenance.

Here are the benefits: 

  • No logistics cost
  • No more administrative work 
  • Calibration kit is automatically supplied at a regular basis
  • One supplier takes care of all administration and service

    Temperature calibrator TC65


What’s included in the kit?

Our mini test kit MTS500M contains everything you need to calibrate temperature and pressure sensors on board.

It can be used for most temperature and pressure applications on board any type
of vessel. The equipment easily adjusts to specific needs on board certain vessels for pressure and temperature, and the kit comes complete with necessary accessories.


Temperature calibrator TC65Temperature calibrator TC65

Temperature is a fundamental parameter for evaluating several onboard components, like temperature sensors, thermometers and temperature switches/thermostats. Periodic sensor
calibration is critical for staying on target.

The TC65 portable calibrator is highly accurate, and covers temperatures from 30°C to 650°C. It features a removable insert for increased flexibility.


Pressure gauge calibrator
Pressure calibrator, 60 bar

Numerous onboard systems, such as exhaust systems, starting air and hydraulics, rely on appropriate pressure levels. As is the case for temperature sensors, calibration is necessary for precise pressure measurements.

The included pressure calibrator can be used for calibration checks on pressure gauges, transmitters, pressure switches, indicators, recorders and controllers.

The standard kit is suitable for pressure levels from -0,8 bars (slight vacuum) to 60 bars. For higher pressure levels, we offer a special kit that can handle up to 700 bars.


Standard kit

Special kit

Pressure range (bar)

-0.8 to 60

up to 700


Stay on target – by calibrating the calibration kit

Checking the sensors is one thing, but how do you know if the calibration equipment itself is on target?

You calibrate it. 

That’s why we include a secondary kit, which you can use for calibrating the MTS500M kit on board. It features a rugged briefcase containing a thermometer and a manometer.


About the Bruusgaard System (we’ll do the hard work)

The temperature and pressure calibration kit is the latest member of the Bruusgaard family of Onboard Solutions. When you purchase a Bruusgaard product, you also get enrolled into our support program.

At any given time we know the status of all vessels and their sites in our portfolio. We consolidate all shipments and make sure you have everything you need on board, until the next scheduled delivery.

For temperature and pressure calibration, it means we will provide you with new calibration units upon their expiry dates, or if they fail a periodic test. This applies to both the primary and the secondary kit. All our products are designed to eliminate detours and surplus purchases. Our support team allows you to take your mind off procurement and logistics, so that you can focus on work that generates revenue.

Read more about our new product here: MTS500M – Testkit for Temperature and Pressure


Would you like to know more? 

If you’re curious about how you can simplify life on board, reach out to us here, or feel free to browse some of our other solutions: 


Water testing does not have to be an obstacle course. Watch our live demo of our range of test kits in our webinar on demand.