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Gas detection at sea: The Bruusgaard System explained

The Bruusgaard System is a turnkey, portable gas detection solution that gives you increased safety and substantial cost savings. This is how it works. 

An optimal gas detection system should deliver on three areas: safety, compliance and cost-efficiency. The Bruusgaard System has been carefully designed and tested to excel within all three, and achieves this via a simple approach: We identify what you need, and we provide and maintain the goods through the industry’s most cost-efficient value chain








When your fleet operates safely, and in compliance with regulations, you’re not only taking care of your crew and your equipment, but your bottom line. We probably don’t have to remind you of the costs associated with interrupted transits. A well-maintained gas detection system eliminates a host of unfavorable incidents, so it is crucial that you employ a sound strategy for it. 

Let us explain how the Bruusgaard System takes care of both your crew and your operations. 



Never worry about your gas detection equipment again

There are three key success factors embedded in the Bruusgaard System: 

  • The storage cabinet – all your gas detection equipment and training resources in one place.
  • The Bruusgaard support program – consistent and planned monitoring and supply of stock.
  • Calibration on board – no need for onshore calibration.

As a ship owner, you’re naturally concerned about the safety of your crew and whether you’ve ticked all the boxes in terms of compliance. The Bruusgaard System helps you take care of both. 


The Bruusgaard System, step by step

Step 1: Determining your needs

When we start our work together, we’ll ask you to fill out a form that will help us determine exactly what your ship’s or fleet’s needs are. We do an evaluation on the basis of your itinerary, crew size, ship type, cargo and more. 

Step 2: One storage cabinet for all your needs

As soon as we’ve mapped out everything, we’ll start fitting out your storage cabinet accordingly. The storage cabinet is really the heart of the Bruusgaard System, in that it contains all the gas detection equipment itself AND the learning resources you need to make sure your crew knows when, why and how to use it. 

Cabinet closed 2Cabinet complete 2

The storage cabinet ensures everything is there when you need it.

TBS - cabinet

Step 3: The Bruusgaard support program – never run out of gas and spares

Once you’re up and running, the contents of the storage cabinet need to be monitored and maintained. That is why we’re not a one-time supplier. Instead, we will regularly follow up on your vessel – or your whole fleet. One of the main benefits with our approach is that you will deal with just one provider who keeps constant track of your instruments. We have in place a comprehensive support programme which includes the following services:


The Bruusgaard support program

  • Instrument reports per vessel including instruments and consumables on board.
  • Support letters sent to each vessel two months prior to sensor replacement date.
  • Continuous log of use of calibration gases and Gastec tubes.
  • Efficient handling of all shipments – 1 to 5 days from PO to delivery worldwide.

  • Records/reports of your reusable instruments in back-up stock.
  • POs received outside supply intervals are checked to avoid vessels ordering unnecessarily. The goal is one PO and shipment per year.
  • Annual report per vessel with budget for the next year’s maintenance costs.
  • Technical support


Step 4: Calibration and maintenance on board – no need for annual shore service

Provided that the vessel has installed and follows the complete Bruusgaard System, all services, sensor change and calibration of the instruments can be done on board. Not having to send instruments on shore for service/calibration creates huge cost savings. 

Success through standardization and global distribution

We created the Brusgaard System because all ship owners are required to keep gas detection equipment, and we know how much effort and money it takes, considering the often frantic day-to-day life on a commercial vessel. Typically, the lack of standardization leads to over-procurement (we see ships equipped with 20 detectors, where less than half would have done) and piles of different instruction manuals. 

In contrast, The Bruusgaard System shores up all your gas detection needs on board, through standardization of equipment and related procedures: 


The Bruusgaard System gives you a complete solution including instruments, sampling and calibration equipment, a specially designed cabinet and a log and user manual. We harmonize the instrument types and makes between vessels, so your crew won’t have to learn a new set of instructions each time they board another one of your ships. 

With respect to routines, our system (if correctly followed) ensures that the instruments and the log book are always updated according to regulations and that your vessel will pass an inspection without remarks. Not least, we provide training programs that are identical for all of your vessels. In addition to only planning for one PO order per year, you’ll be able to benefit from our global supply chain. Dangerous goods deliveries are mostly avoided – we have local stocks of calibration gas in the main ports worldwide. There is also no need to stock spare parts on board. We will supply consumables and spares in due course.

The Bruusgaard Global System

Implementing The Bruusgaard System across your fleet will ensure unified routines and operations, increased safety and significantly reduce maintenance costs. Our customers enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Onboard calibration – no need to send instruments on shore for calibration
  • One supplier – one complete solution
  • Standardized instruments and routines on all vessels
  • Reduces the number and types of instruments
  • Strict, simple routines for use, calibration and maintenance
  • Easy to follow manuals and logging routines
  • Storage solution – everything in one place
  • Reduced administration time
  • Designed for implementation into an overall QA system
  • Prevents inspection remarks


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