Martin Bruusgaard

4 October 2021

How to detect Legionella on a ship

Whether you suspect its presence or simply want to take precautions: Testing for Legionella is quick and easy.

3 September 2021

The world’s first onboard temperature and pressure calibrator kit

As a shipowner, you’re required to calibrate the temperature and pressure instruments on a regular...

13 August 2021

The secret to onboard safety: Keep it simple.

We make it easier to be a shipowner.

2 July 2021

Bruusgaard enters the UTI market – with something special

The renowned safety system supplier now offers a top-level UTI solution, and yes – it features...

14 June 2021

The UTI You Can Maintain Yourself (and How to Do It)

Why send your UTI ashore, when you can service it yourself?

9 June 2021

A Short Guide to Toxic Gas Detection on Board

Avoiding toxic gases on board is crucial for crew safety. Thankfully, it’s less complicated than...

10 May 2021

6 key qualities to look for in a safety solution provider

Safety on board is not about your equipment – it’s about your suppliers.

16 April 2021

Digital Test Kits: The Effortless Way to Test Onboard Water

If price is your only consideration when selecting a water test kit, you’ll probably end up paying...

23 March 2021

How Gas Detection Became a Breeze for Christiania Shipping

Outsourcing the gas detection handling gave the renowned shipowner one less thing to worry about.

13 January 2021

Cost-Effective Gas Detection: Leave It to Customer Support

Gas detection logistics can be a costly headache – unless you let our support team handle it for...

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