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Bruusgaard enters the UTI market – with something special

The renowned safety system supplier now offers a top-level UTI solution, and yes – it features their tried and tested logistics model.

“The best form of logistics is the one you don’t have to do”, says Mathias Kristoffersen. “It’s why all our solutions—including the UTI—are designed so that you can service and maintain them yourself, on board the vessel.”  

Now a Senior Sales Coordinator, Mathias came to Bruusgaard a few years ago, fresh from business school. There, he majored in supply chain and operations management, a much sought-after competency in shipping.Mathias


“The best form of logistics is the one you don’t have to do.”

Mathias Kristoffersen, Senior Sales Coordinator


“Shipping is a notoriously challenging industry in terms of logistics. There are myriads of vessels, tight deadlines, complex travel routes and chaotic communication”, he explains. 

All the more important to simplify operations. And if there’s one thing Bruusgaard helps you do, it’s just that. 

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A UTI solution you can service yourself

Roar Kristiansen, the experienced Sales Director at Bruusgaard, weighs in: “Bruusgaard is logistics. We help shipowners cut costs by keeping as many tasks as possible on board, and eliminate the need to send equipment ashore for maintenance and calibration. And now we’re bringing the same benefits to the UTI market”, he says. Roar


“We help shipowners cut costs by keeping as many tasks as possible on board.”

Roar Kristiansen, Sales Director



Did you know? 

UTI is an abbreviation for Ullage/Interface/Temperature. A UTI device measures ullage, air/oil/water interface levels, and their respective temperatures. 

Ullage refers to the gap between the surface of a liquid and the roof of its container/hull. In a bottle of wine, for instance, the ullage is the space between the cork and the wine. In shipping, ullage relates to various kinds of (liquid) cargo. 


Every ship is required to carry UTI units at all times. Precision measuring of liquid cargo is necessary for safety as well as financial reasons. Thus, the UTI device itself needs to be finely tuned and reliable. Up until now, the common practice has been to send it ashore for third-party servicing on an annual basis, but Bruusgaard realised that some innovation was badly needed. 

“The equipment is heavy and greasy, but also fragile and expensive, so it requires careful handling. Not least, you’ll spend hours and days waiting idly while your equipment is on shore.” 

Bruusgaard thus adopted the self-serviceability of their flagship offering – The Bruusgaard System – and applied it to a UTI solution. It means you can perform maintenance and service on board, without annual shore certification. The solution has been certified, so that your UTIs will be in compliance even without the involvement of an accredited service provider.


First-class support is part of the deal

Although you can maintain and service the UTI yourself, Bruusgaard will take care of periodic supplies and other administrative tasks. 

“We’ve got a seasoned support crew that checks in with the customer regularly, with notifications of replenishments and so forth. Our support system is arguably our greatest advantage, because it’s what actually helps the customers manage the systems by themselves. We provide fresh supplies of consumables, at the lowest possible cost, and we make sure you know exactly how to perform the actual service tasks”, says Mathias. “We keep your systems top of mind, so you don’t have to.” 

Would you like to know how to service your Bruusgaard UTI unit? 

Click here to watch our instructional video.


How to get on board

If you’re interested in Bruusgaard’s new UTI solution, joining in is easy.

“Simply contact us and we’ll tailor-make a UTI setup for you, based on your vessel characteristics”, Roar says. “Two units should suffice. And of course, our packages contain everything you need for gas-free sampling.”

“We’ll advise on what sort of barrel to purchase, and also what auxiliary equipment you should opt for”, adds Mathias. “True to our tradition, we’ll make life on board easier. We’re all about smooth sailing”, he says with a smile.


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