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How Christiania Shipping reduces time and money spent on gas detection

Onboard gas detection used to be just another time-consuming chore for Christiania Shipping's crew. Their administrative tasks are now reduced to an absolute minimum, and here's how.

The renowned Norwegian chemical and oil tanker company Christiana Shipping A/S has more than 50 years of experience. Their fleet of 19 vessels operates trade lanes between Europe and West Africa, and in the Mediterranean Sea. 

In the past, their crew would have to replenish stock on their own, by ordering spare parts and consumables from the office on shore. Managing crew and cargo for 19 vessels on different schedules and territories posed enough of a challenge in itself. Add the fact that they also have to look after a wide range of subsystems, they naturally searched for a partner to easen the workload.

CEO Axel C. Eitzen is a fourth generation shipowner, with a family history of the seas dating back to 1883. The seasoned manager knows exactly how demanding life at sea can be, both for crew and vessel. Safety is a non-stop endeavour, and while risk is an ever-present part of life at sea, some hazards are more pressing than others.

– It’s always been extremely important to maintain safety. An important part of that safety is gas detection systems, says Mr. Eitzen. 



The bliss of outsourcing Gas Detection Logistics

All ships are required to carry gas detection equipment. Over the years, Mr. Eitzen has experienced how much work it takes to stay on top of expiry dates, spare parts and the logistics that follow. Switching to The Bruusgaard System turned out to be a great relief. 

– Bruusgaard presented a total solution to the whole scope of gas detection, which was very much preferable to the other suppliers. They take the workload off the ship staff, always checking that we’re within the expiry dates and that everything is right, says Mr. Eitzen.

By outsourcing their gas detection logistics, a load has been taken off the shoulders of the company's crew, making life on their vessels less hectic. 

– Now we know we can “forget” about gas detection, because that’s been taken care of by The Bruusgaard System, he continues. 


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One less thing to worry about

The Bruusgaard Customer Support team keeps a close eye on the gas detection status of all vessels and sites. All shipments are consolidated, making sure shipowners have everything they need on board, until the next scheduled delivery.

The result is a lower CO2 footprint by fewer shipments, less administrative work and substantial savings. Christiana Shipping appreciates the proactive handling of everything that concerns their gas detection capabilities. It's simply one less thing to worry about for the crew and management alike:

– Bruusgaard makes sure that we get the necessary updates and renewals on board at time, without the ship ordering it, and without any administrative difficulties from our side, says Mr. Eitzen.

Predictability is in low supply for shipping companies, but the gas detection system is one of the things you actually can depend on. If you choose the right strategy and partner, that is. 

– We have confidence that the gas detection system on board is in order at all times. If you want to have something that is the best quality and the best performance, in relation to never being out of expiry dates, then go for Bruusgaard.


The Bruusgaard system - Webinar