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The Bruusgaard System

Cut Maritime Gas Detection Costs with Simplified Logistics

Logistics is the key cost driver in gas detection. This is how you reduce its impact on your bottom...

5 tips for improved gas safety on board

Maritime gas detection causing you headaches? Try this.

Why Bruusgaard is the onboard detection partner you need

We make it easier to be a shipmanager. 

6 key qualities to look for in a safety solution provider

Safety on board is not about your equipment – it’s about your suppliers.

How Christiania Shipping reduces time and money spent on gas detection

Onboard gas detection used to be just another time-consuming chore for Christiania Shipping's crew....

Cost-effective Gas Detection the Bruusgaard Way

Gas detection logistics can be a costly headache – unless you have a skilled support team to handle...

Gas hazards at sea: what you need to know

Life at sea involves daily maneuvering between different hazards. Gases is one of them, and it is...

Gas detection at sea: The Bruusgaard System explained

The Bruusgaard System is a turnkey, portable gas detection solution that gives you increased safety...

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