The secret to onboard safety: Keep it simple.

We make it easier to be a shipowner.


Engineer Kelly Johnson from the US Navy is often credited with inventing the acronym KISS: “Keep it simple, stupid”. He instructed designers at Lockheed that their designs should be simple enough for a soldier to perform repairs – in a combat situation – equipped only with basic tools. Keeping things simple soon proved to be a universally relevant principle. 

It certainly applies to safety solutions at sea. So we’ve made it our mission to remove hurdles. 


From gas detection to ullage: We’ve got you covered

The Bruusgaard philosophy is simple: We provide safety systems that you can maintain yourself – right on board your vessel. We pinpoint your vessels’ exact needs and make sure consumables are replenished regularly. Also, we provide a training program for uniform learning across your fleet. By implementing our system, you’ll stay safe and compliant at all times, at the lowest possible cost.   

Our gas detection system has been a customer favourite for decades. In recent years, we’ve used the same blueprint to develop onboard solutions for water testing, air testing and ullage interface measuring.



“Bruusgaard presented a total solution to the whole scope of gas detection, which was very much preferable to the other suppliers. They take the workload off the ship staff, always check that we’re within the expiry dates and that everything is right.”

Axel C. Eitzen, Christiania Shipping


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Gas detection made simple

Gas detection plays an essential role for crew safety and compliance. The Bruusgaard System helps you maintain top-notch gas detection capabilities, while drastically reducing costs. We provide a single cabinet, tailored to cover all your vessel’s gas detection needs. Our support team keeps track of what you use, and replenish consumables at intervals optimised for the lowest possible cost. 

the Bruusgaard System - Gas detection and calibration equipment

the Bruusgaard System - Gas detection and calibration equipment

The storage cabinet ensures everything is available, in one place. 


On Board Solutions with Roar Kristiansen



Level up your UTI system

Conventional UTI solutions require annual calibration and servicing on shore, and the shipping process can be a true headache. With our new UTI system, your own crew can perform maintenance and service on board. 


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Breathing air kit for optimal performance

The Martin Bruusgaard Test Kit measures the quality of breathing air from high and low pressure compressors and cylinders. With this kit, you can easily carry out testing on board. Samples do not have to be sent to an onshore facility, saving you time and money.


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Onboard temperature and pressure calibrator kit

Our new temperature and pressure calibrator kit allows you to check and calibrate the sensors while you’re on board – a world’s first to our knowledge! The kit itself can also be serviced on board, eliminating the need for annual servicing on shore. 


Water testing for safety and compliance

Your onboard water can be just as crucial to your vessel as the water surrounding it. Is your potable water free from contaminants? Is the sewage system doing its job? With our test kits you get the answers you need to safeguard both your crew and the environment. 


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Leave the complexity to us

Logistics and procurement support is a core element of our onboard solutions. True to our promise of streamlining every aspect of your gas detection capability, our support team keeps you compliant and cost-effective at all times.

We monitor the status of all vessels and sites covered by The Bruusgaard System. We consolidate all shipments and make sure you have everything you need on board until the next scheduled delivery. The result is fewer shipments and substantial savings.


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